Abby Gets Around


Freedom is knocking at my door – school is over this Friday and for teachers, this means everything.

For me, it means finally having time to work out like I want to instead of squeezing in workouts whenever I can.  And not signing up for any more races until I get myself in check and in shape.

As someone who is very “Type A,” I need variation.  And a challenge.  So I thought to myself, “How can I make myself want to workout this summer instead of sitting on my couch drinking wine and watching “Orange is the New Black?” (which I will also be doing, btw).

How I feel when I think of working out these days...BORING.

How I feel when I think of working out these days…BORING.

Well, during the super crazy last few days of school, I was browsing the Internet and came across this article about a woman who tried 30 different yoga studios in 30 days.  I must say, I was am inspired.  But I am not rich and yoga is expensive. And I like doing various types of workouts.  So this is my compromise:

Abby Gets Around

No, not that type of “getting around,” I am a married woman, after all.  In this challenge, I’m not setting a specified timeline, I’m just going to try different workouts in the city.  This could be anything from a yoga studio that I’ve never been to, a different type of yoga, Pilates, spinning, dance, etc.

I’ll post reviews of my workouts on my blog and give Philadelphians my honest opinion.

I’m hoping not only to reset my workout mojo, but also to find something new that I can enjoy.  Got somewhere you think I should try?  Let me know!

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